Meri Brown Likely To Quit Sister Wives Season 6, Courtroom Drama Involving Robyn!

All the news that’s coming up with regard to Sister Wives Season 6 isn’t positive. For once we know that Meri Brown isn’t going to be returning for the upcoming season. The news hasn’t been officially confirmed.

The speculation surrounding Meri Brown leaving the show started when she posted on her Twitter page, talking about whether people believed in signs. She went on to say that the signs are everywhere, we just have to look around and choose them believe in them.

This post was taken by her fans as an indication of her departure from the Sister Wives Season 6. In Season 5, Meri had divorced from Kody Brown and had allowed her younger sister Robyn to marry him.

The first of the wives in the polygamy marriage, Meri took the decision to end her 24 year marriage to Kody so that her sister could step in and get legal access to the right and get the chance to win her two children back from her last marriage.

Robyn was very grateful to Meri for this and she went on to say that Meri loves her children more to want to end her own marriage and that this was a truly beautiful love. Meri got full support from her fans. They expressed their thoughts all over the internet in the various social networking sites.

Meri has said that she has a lot of plans and hopes for the future and will now set out to achieve them. The news of Meri’s departure from the house hasn’t been confirmed by the network or the producers of the show, but it is likely that she will stop appearing after the separation from Kody.

After the divorce is legalized, Meri will be married to her husband for 24 years only spiritually and this might cause her to leave the house. It is an emotional moment for the Brown family and her fans and they are all together in making sure that Meri sails through this bold decision and its consequences easily.

5 thoughts on “Meri Brown Likely To Quit Sister Wives Season 6, Courtroom Drama Involving Robyn!”

  1. I think janelle and meri should both leave Kody. THey are both strong intelligent women capable of supp o rting b themselves.

  2. i think robyn had this planned all along. She is a player and great actress when she turns on those fake tears

  3. Anybody heard anything about a property settlement in the divorce? Meri was the only wife and Nevada is a community property state. She could have put a world of hurt in Kody and the other three “wives”.

  4. Through the years I have often watched Meri as she struggles with her feelings, I could really see how much pain she was and is in. When she came out with “divorce” I thought yes she is finally going to take care of herself but then it was for Robyn…or was it, that may have been her first step to walking away all along.

  5. It is very clear that Kody is in love with Robyn and the other wives are just baggage.
    It is apparent that Meri sees that. I hope Meri will look at Kody and dump him. His 2nd and 3rd wives are tolerated by him wife 2 is odd and wife 3 is just a nagging whiner. I hope they realize if he had to choose Robyn would be his choice she is the one he can’t seem to stay away from. Sorry ladies open your eyes. Meri move on to smart for this.

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