Meri Brown Likely To Quit Sister Wives Season 6, Courtroom Drama Involving Robyn!

Sister Wives Season 6 will focus on the Meri-Kody divorce drama and the legal battle between Robyn and her ex-husband over the custody of their kids. There will be discussion on various sides of the law, which will interest fans who are interested in the legal system.

Enstarz has come up with reports that Meri might go ahead and pursue higher studies. She is done with her responsibilities as a mother since her daughter Mariah is heading out to college.

Sister Wives Season 6 will also see Kody Brown fight it out against the Utah anti-polygamy law. The TLC reality show will show the family courtroom drama against the lawsuit filed at the 10th US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Nothing is confirmed yet and to get a clearer a picture of what is in store for the TLC drama at the Brown house, fans will have to wait until fall, when Sister Wives Season 6 premieres.

Sister Wives is a controversial reality series that follows the real life of Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Christine, Janelle and Roby. The wives also happen to be real life sisters. Kody has fourteen biological and three step children.

5 thoughts on “Meri Brown Likely To Quit Sister Wives Season 6, Courtroom Drama Involving Robyn!”

  1. I think janelle and meri should both leave Kody. THey are both strong intelligent women capable of supp o rting b themselves.

  2. i think robyn had this planned all along. She is a player and great actress when she turns on those fake tears

  3. Anybody heard anything about a property settlement in the divorce? Meri was the only wife and Nevada is a community property state. She could have put a world of hurt in Kody and the other three “wives”.

  4. Through the years I have often watched Meri as she struggles with her feelings, I could really see how much pain she was and is in. When she came out with “divorce” I thought yes she is finally going to take care of herself but then it was for Robyn…or was it, that may have been her first step to walking away all along.

  5. It is very clear that Kody is in love with Robyn and the other wives are just baggage.
    It is apparent that Meri sees that. I hope Meri will look at Kody and dump him. His 2nd and 3rd wives are tolerated by him wife 2 is odd and wife 3 is just a nagging whiner. I hope they realize if he had to choose Robyn would be his choice she is the one he can’t seem to stay away from. Sorry ladies open your eyes. Meri move on to smart for this.

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