Adam Lambert: Out Promoting His New Single, Surprises Fan In Her Office!

Adam Lambert is back in the news. The singer recently joined Sarah and Vinnie at the KFMB station 100.7 Jack FM to promote his upcoming album, titled ‘The Original High’. Adam went ahead to interact with people and spoke about an array of topics which ranged from working together with the Queen to Tove Lo collaborations.

Sara was joined by Adam, where they were to promote Ghost Town and along with it meet and greet his much beloved army of fans. He interacted with them freely and spoke about fashion and Glee as well.

The topic that got every ones attention was the kind of guy he would like to date and the things he as an individual looks for in his partner. To which he diplomatically replied saying that he generally likes guy younger than him, as he referred himself as an old man. The American Idol went ahead to even say that he usually likes guy in their twenties.

This was not all, the conversation got even more interesting when someone asked Adam Lambert about his views on Justin Bieber and whether or not he found the singer handsome and attractive.

He again wore his hat of diplomacy and answered it in a smart manner saying that he would not look up to Justin Bieber because he is not in his league. He said he thought that Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein was pretty nice and the singer looked good in it.

The American idol just did not stop here. Adam Lambert surprised a huge fan by walking into her office. The Sharon Roffman works at KFMB, in the Financial Service department and this Tuesday was not like other usual Tuesdays that she generally has. This one saw Adam Lambert walk into her office.

Adam says he was a pleasant surprise to enter her work place because it felt he had googled himself as he looked around the place. The workplace has Adam Lambert all over the place and that Tuesday did end up being a special day for Adam Lambert as well as Sharon Roffman.