Hart of Dixie Star Rachel Bilson Enjoying Motherhood, Talks about A Spin-Off, And More News

Hart of Dixie fans are heart-broken after the news of the series being cancelled was made official, however, it doesn’t seem to have affected the star of the show – Rachel Bilson. Fans had expected her to release an official statement giving her sentiments about the ending of Hart of Dixie, but nothing as such is out.

Rachel Bilson has recently given birth to her first child, a daughter, named Briar Rose and she has been very busy taking care of her. This explains the absence of a statement from the actress. Being a hands-on mother isn’t an easy task and she most likely doesn’t have the time to talk about the cancellation of the series.

It is not completely true that Hart of Dixie star Rachel Bilson has been mum about the cancellation. She had spoken about the show and the dilemma that the entire cast and crew had faced and had also thwarted all reports pointing at the fact that Hart of Dixie was cancelled because of low TRP.

In an interview with E! News, Bilson had denied reports that the network bosses had cancelled the show after it had failed to match their expectations. Her statement had sparked rumors that her pregnancy was what caused the show to end.

This rumor was confirmed by her co-star Jamie King. King confirmed that Rachel wanted to go away for maternity leave and it is her right to do so. This decision of hers, however, affected the entire plot because the story revolved around Rachel’s character and without her presence the plot couldn’t progress.

Yes it is true that fans are still hurting from the news that Hart of Dixie won’t be renewed for another season, but Rachel Bilson has better things to focus on. She recently joined Instagram and took to sharing occurrences in her life with her fans.

The actress hasn’t shared photos of Briar Rose yet, but she has shared photos of the baby’s clothes and accessories and the little joys of being a new mom. The recent post by Rachel Bilson, shows a matching pair of slip-ons, for her and her daughter, from Vans that have Darth Vader on them.

There was also a photo of the actress trying to soothe her daughter and cuddling her stuffed toy while singing her a grover’s song. The actress seemed to have filled the shoe of the new role she has been presented by life.

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  1. we love is series and hope a year off with time with her baby she will pick up the series and do more series of hartof dixie.

  2. I hope hart of Dixie comes back. I love that show. Zoe’s friendship with Levon was my fave and her and Wade are adorable together. I miss all the wonderful and colorful people at Bluebell.

  3. Why make up things for her anyway? Why tell the real truth about her? She got pregnant on purpose to keep hayden coming to california. She did not look for work. The show was already cancelled when she went on maturity leave and beyond that. She did not tell no one it was cancelled then. She using instagram to stay out the public eye. And she will not show the baby for some unknown reason. She dump the baby on people since the baby almost walking. She run up to canada for no reason. Hayden did bad at the boxofffice and she have not dumped him yet. They never take pics together anymore. Nobody don’t that is strange. She just admitted last month about the show cancellation oninstagram last month. Not a public one. She use hayden for personal gain still. Still won’t get out find her nothing to do like other moms do. That is the truth not what you wrote.

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