Hart of Dixie Star Rachel Bilson Enjoying Motherhood, Talks about A Spin-Off, And More News

With Hart of Dixie cancelled, Rachel Bilson is enjoying maternity leave. She is yet to sign any new projects and is only busying herself with her role as a new mother. Bilson was spotted by E! Online, while out shopping in the Studio City. She looked effortlessly chic in cuffed jeans and black tank top.

Hart of Dixie has been officially cancelled by the network, but after seeing the kind of popularity the show had garnered, there are talks of a supposed spin-off. The tone and the characters will be similar, expect of course, the character portrayed by Rachel Bilson.

This is just a rumor that has been doing the rounds and there has been no official confirmation about this yet.

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3 thoughts on “Hart of Dixie Star Rachel Bilson Enjoying Motherhood, Talks about A Spin-Off, And More News”

  1. we love is series and hope a year off with time with her baby she will pick up the series and do more series of hartof dixie.

  2. I hope hart of Dixie comes back. I love that show. Zoe’s friendship with Levon was my fave and her and Wade are adorable together. I miss all the wonderful and colorful people at Bluebell.

  3. Why make up things for her anyway? Why tell the real truth about her? She got pregnant on purpose to keep hayden coming to california. She did not look for work. The show was already cancelled when she went on maturity leave and beyond that. She did not tell no one it was cancelled then. She using instagram to stay out the public eye. And she will not show the baby for some unknown reason. She dump the baby on people since the baby almost walking. She run up to canada for no reason. Hayden did bad at the boxofffice and she have not dumped him yet. They never take pics together anymore. Nobody don’t that is strange. She just admitted last month about the show cancellation oninstagram last month. Not a public one. She use hayden for personal gain still. Still won’t get out find her nothing to do like other moms do. That is the truth not what you wrote.

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