Ariana Grande: Tries Out a New Hairstyle, Spotted On Set and Reveals a Secret, More Details

Ariana Grande is known for her signature look with that long ponytail, but the pop singer recently ditched that look to try out some different hairstyles. She sported a 60s bob cut with bangs, and from the caption of the photo the fans can be relieved that the singer isn’t ditching her usual ponytail.

The photos that she shared on Instagram were shocking for the fans who have grown used to Ariana Grande sporting her hair in a single way since the time she came into the music scene and they were relieved to find out that the singer was trying those wigs out just for fun and isn’t contemplating on adopting it as a new hairstyle.

Ariana seems to be enjoying her hand at acting. The singer was recently spotted looking bashed up for a role in the upcoming television series Scream Queens. The 21-year-old was spotted coming out of her trailer after shooting for the series and yes, in spite of having a gash and being all beaten up, the pop icon couldn’t help, but look glam.

She stepped out of her trailer in gym wear. She had on a pink crop top that showed off her mid rib and a pair of skinny black leggings. She shared the photo joking that as she was heading to gym directly from work, she hoped that people would be scared of her look. Come on, Ariana, who could be scared of that baby doll face?

Also spotted on the set of Scream Queens was Glee star Lea Michele. She was wearing a body hugging top, with the words KKT on top of it. The star had on bright orange trainers and looked like she too was on her way to working out at the gym.

Ariana Grande plays the role of Emma’s sidekicks and has the funny name of Chanel #2. Lea Michele stars as one of her rivals in the series. Created by Ryan Murphy of Glee and American Horror Story, the show is going to see one character being killed off each week. Murphy joked that the concept of the show is something like the rhyme Ten Little Indians.

The viewers will get a clue about who the killer is after every episode and finally the identity will be released in the very end. The characters who survive will go forward to a new location and face more horrors. The killer will not be revealed until the very end of the 15 episode series.