Ariana Grande: Tries Out a New Hairstyle, Spotted On Set and Reveals a Secret, More Details

Ariana Grande made a small little boo-boo recently. She shared the details of her perfume in her Snapchat and then went ahead to confess that she wasn’t supposed to do that. She gave a glimpse of Ari by Ariana Grande to her fans, exclaiming how good it smells.

Fans were excited when they saw the Snapchat video, since the packaging of the perfume is very cute and according to Ariana Grande herself, the perfume smells really good, but then once the singer confessed that she wasn’t supposed to reveal those information, they realized that she had made a PR mistake.

Fans are hopeful that Ariana Grande had pulled a gimmick to increase the hype surrounding the perfume and that the product is launched really soon.