Sister Wives Season 6: Janelle Not Open to Change, Meri Looking For Monogamous Lifestyle, And More

Sister Wives Season 6 is going to be packed with a lot of drama. With speculations about Meri Brown divorcing Kody and quitting the show, there is drama revolving around Kody Brown and his fourth wife Robyn getting ready to welcome their next child.

Although Meri and Christine and have congratulated the couple, Kody’s second wife Janelle doesn’t look very happy about the situation. When Sister Wives Season 6 returns on TLC viewers will see that Janelle will not approve of the restructuring of the polygamous Brown family.

It was in the finale of Season 5 when Meri and Kody had revealed that they would be divorcing so that Kody could give legal rights to Robyn’s children and help her get their custody from her ex-husband. While the news had shocked everyone, they were supportive about the decision and even praised Meri for sacrificing her 25 year old marriage to help Robyn.

Janelle had disapproved the decision. She had said that she isn’t good with change and fears that the dynamics will change. Janelle has agreed that she is being irrational, but she also confessed that she is worried that with Robyn’s battle for custody taking a nasty turn and Sister Wives Season 6 set to focus on it, the viewers will start favoring Robyn over her.

Kody Brown sat down with Janelle and had convinced her to approve of his divorce from Meri as it was the right thing to do and because both Meri and he wanted to go ahead with it, it is only a matter of time before we find out if Janelle will be able to approve of the fact that Kody and Robyn are going to have their own kid soon.

It was in an interview with People Magazine, Kody had revealed that Robyn was expecting their first child and Meri and Christine, immediately took to Twitter to congratulate the couple. Janelle on the other hand, only shared the news and re-tweeted the post by Christine.

She didn’t leave in any personal posts for the couple and hence it isn’t clear whats her take on the whole thing.Sister Wives deals with the controversial issue of polygamy, but since its premiere in 2010, the TLC show has been a success.

It prompted discussions on various issues that were previously kept under covers and the Brown family themselves say that they want to remove all the misconceptions that exist about their unique familial set up.

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  1. Frankly I hope Meri has seen the light and moves on with her life. I would like to see Janelle get a spine too. There is no way that Robyn will become the #1 wife as eventually Krummy Kody will seek another dumb woman to join his disjoined mess. It is only a matter of time Sobyn! And just because she is legally married does not mean she will get legal custody of her kids.

  2. Meri, although older, is much more attractive than Robyn. I don’t know why Kody can’t see this. Robyn really seems to turn him on.

  3. I realy think all of them r just show ponys and the show is fake.its full of nothing siting on a couch get real they dont no the first thing about being real sister wives he is just made round to go round.and back in the day it was the women who could have more than one husband kodys fake

  4. Robin I’d to needy and will try to run the other wives. This Will Cause The Rest To leave.

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