GTA 6 Expected to Release by 2020, Rumored to Include the Entire Map of the United States, And More

Rockstar recently confirmed that it has started working on GTA 6 and fans are quite excited about it. We already heard a lot of rumors about the upcoming game and people are quite excited about the possible features and rumors surrounding the game. Earlier, we heard speculations about the game being set in Mexico. There were also rumors about GTA 6 making an entry into London.

Yet other rumors suggested that GTA 6 would feature travelling between various worlds. Anyways, Rockstar has confirmed that they are working on GTA 6 and gamers should gear up for a 2018 release. GTA 5 excitement hasn’t died down, thanks to GTA Online and the awesome DLCs that keep releasing. In spite of that, fans are pretty jubilant about GTA 6.

Some of these rumors are completely fun but others are totally confirmed. GTA 5 is bound to become the Game of this year and the developers have created a benchmark that they need to overlap. Rockstar introduced latest features like switching between characters, an amazingly detailed storyline and a world that is teeming with fascinating characters.

The latest batch of rumors suggests that Rockstar could be including entire USA in the GTA 6 map. This indicates that Rockstar has huge ambitions about the next installment and we can only imagine how big it will be. A lot of fans are currently suggesting Blaine County and Los Santos but speculations suggest otherwise. Rockstar could have something surprising in store for the upcoming game. It is known that GTA 6 will be bigger and better than its predecessor but where will it be located?

While rumors suggest a tentative 2020 release, there is still no exact or official confirmation from Rockstar. If the current rumors of entire US depicted in a map are true, Rockstar will need more time than just 5 years. However, we do need to take this information with a grain of salt as Rockstar might include a lot of US locations rather than a single city. At the same time, Rockstar could take ideas from The Crew, which took the US Map and made it compact. In reality, driving around from one side of the map to another takes around 1 and half hours.

Rockstar is pretty good at recreating a city right from scratch and includes incredible detail in its creations. As a result, fans are waiting to see what it has in store for GTA 6. According to rumors, it will be quite difficult to scale down the entire USA map but it’s certainly not impossible.

The major difficulty lies in the fact that a lot of country between various cities is covered with deserts and countryside. As a result, driving from one locale to another will be a tedious task.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that the upcoming GTA 6 will include a female lead character for the first time. The game has been male-centric for quite some time now and the addition of a female lead will introduce a fresh new atmosphere resulting from a female gangster’s perspective.

In the meantime, it is widely known that older generation consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360 was never capable of keeping up with growing developer needs. However, things are different in the case present-generation consoles and powerful PCs which are more than capable of handling huge cities, countryside and urban environments.

In GTA 5, Rockstar introduced well-outlined side missions which have a life of their own are not at all robotic in nature. Some side missions like those tow-truck rides have been rather boring but most of the others are quite interesting. There were awesome things like those crazy celebrity photographer missions and the funny cannibal cult that Trevor stumbles upon.

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  1. It would be really nice if Rockstar could make another GTA like San Andreas.GTA 5 is fine, but I found the story mod really limited once you’re done with missions.There’s no possibility to buy mansions or even apartments.Family has been included for the first time in GTA but you cannot interact with.Rockstar only focused on the online mod of GTA which is a kind of unfortunate because some countries like mine where GTA is very popular since vice city do not benefit high speed internet and therefore GTA Online is just something that doesn’t exist to them.Don’t give me wrong, the development of a GTA can take up to 7 years and they should make something that keeps people patient meanwhile the next one.

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