Elder Scroll 6: Speculations, Expectations, the Long Wait and More

The absence of the much anticipated Game by Bethesda at the E3 have amplified the buzz of “Elder Scrolls 6” several folds. However Bethesda’s Fallout 4 managed to silence the crowd as it took home the best show award at the event. Critics have questioned whether this no-show was pertaining to the fact that the work on the game is still in progress or could it be that the developer is prioritizing other projects?

There have been plenty of speculations about the game to be announced by Bethesda Game Studios. There isn’t much that we know, what we know is from the reports where Peter Hines stated that the game will release when it meets the high standards and quality for which the company is known for.

Elder Scroll Online doesn’t count, not to mention its litany of bugs and day-one server issues along with some lousy combat and a general lack of polish have ensured it to be “all but forgotten about” as noted by What Culture.

The mess created by Elder Scroll Online is now being picked up by Bethesda themselves and on that note the Elder Scroll 6 is rumored to be released in the year 2016. That is if Bethesda follows its general pattern. If we look back in time, “Oblivion” was released in the year 2006 and “Skyrim” Followed it in the year 2011. So may be the next installment will be in 2016 then?

There has also been much speculation as to what the name of the game will be and some reports suggest the name would be “Elder Scroll 6: Argonia” which is said to be more “acceptable” than “Redguard”-which was said to be the trademarked name by Bethesda back in 2011. But then again it doesn’t mean they are actually going to use it.

Let us hope that they have leant their lesson from ZeniMax’s Elder Scroll Online and hope that looking at Skyrim’s already legendary status we can expect Bethesda to capitalize on new hardware to change everything about RPGs as we know it, same way as 2002’s Morrowind.

There are a few things that fans want to see from Elder Scroll 6. They include:

  • Race-Based play styles: The character creator in Skyrim is best till date. Although we have had the ability to play as different races for years, there isn’t much to differentiate the races other than the ability of the Argonians to breath under water. The fans expect the choices of character to impact the game play as a whole, and certain mission types available only to certain races. If Bethesda could come up with scenarios where the gamers is left to think as to how he should carry on with the game depending on the race he has taken, then we can say that Bethesda has finally nailed it.
  • A Dedicated Single-Player Experience-Minuscule Multiplayer: Some fans have requested dynamic multiplayer like that of Dark Souls-style where they patch you up with random online players. The Discipline required to achieve goal seems to be cast aside in favor of killing each other or generally messing around.

So unless Bethesda could think of minimizing the factor of other adventurers we suggest they leave it out. We aren’t really sure what happens next but it’s pretty safe to assume that nobody wants multiplayer in the Elder Scrolls title in the main iteration of this mythological series.