Criminal Minds: Old Cast Members Confirmed While New Members Introduced, Messer Promises a Great Season, And More

Criminal Minds is going to be back on the 30th September for its 11th season. With Jennifer Love Hewitt and A.J Cook out on maternity leave, fans can expect some old faces to return and some new faces to join the star cast.

Criminal Minds Season 1 was a tough one for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Kate Callahan. She had to go through the harrowing time of her niece getting abducted and was also expecting a child. The writers created her plot in a way that Callahan decides to take time off the FBI Behavioral Analyst Unit, so that she can focus on her baby and family.

In reality Jennifer Love Hewitt has gone a maternity leave to give birth and be a hands-on mother to her second child. She knows that being a mother is a full time job. She has been a full time mother to her first born and wants to do the same for the second child as well and hence has decided to take a break from Criminal Minds Season 11.

Criminal Minds created by Erica Messer, who is also the producer of the series has said that the series doesn’t kill off the characters that are leaving them or taking a break from work. They modify their story in such a way that they always have the scope to return back to the series.

It is not known when Jennifer Love Hewitt will be joining the show, but Messer has confirmed that A.J Cook will be reprising her role in the second half of Criminal Minds Season 11.

With Jennifer Love Hewitt and A.J Cook on a break, the team at BAU is short of hands and they will add two faces to fill in the gap. An old face that has been missing from Criminal Minds is set to return, along with a new addition to the star cast.

Movie News Guide has confirmed that Paget Brewster will be back on the show to play the role of Agent Emily Prentiss. Brewster will be joined by Aisha Tyler in the upcoming season. Tyler will play the role of Dr. Tara Lewis.

Dr. Tara Lewis has a psychological background and her study in psychological has created in her a desire to meet psychopaths face to face and study them. Her association with the FBI has enabled her to know some of these monsters.

Messer has confirmed with Entertainment Weekly that the show isn’t replacing Jennifer Love Hewitt and A.J Cook, but adding new members to the team to give the audience something new for the upcoming season. The old characters that have left are not dead and they can return to reprise their role any time they want to.

Messer said that the show has been on for over 10 years and it is but natural that the face of the BAU will change. There will be members who will go on to be parts of other FBI departments and new faces will come to join in. It is not natural for an agent to continue in one particular unit for such a long time.

With Criminal Minds just two months away, the cast members are going to sit for their first reading for Season 11 sometime this very week. Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) and his team mates are back to work and this time they hope to deliver the best season Criminal Minds has seen so far.

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  1. I truly enjoy the characters in Criminal Minds. After watching so many episodes and even some reruns, the characters become even more like friendly acquaintances. The acting in this series is exceptional. I do choose to shut off some of the violence at times. The heinousness of some of the monsters portrayed is unsettling. Could there really be people who do these kinds of crimes? In addition, I appreciate the story lines which are not too big for the hour e.g. NUMBERS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Blacklist and more. Usually these hurry the ending to complete the story. It’s anti-climatical and boring.

  2. Thank goodness they’re bringing back one of the BEST shows, that’s still worth watching in this day and time. I’m hoping that as the show moves forward, we’ll finally get to see ‘3’ things that will really take it up a notch or two: Dr. Reed finally finding true love (or that he’s a dad), meeting Rossi’s “son-in-law and grandson”, and finding out that the son he had with first wife is “NOT” dead (and his daughter is the one who gets the info to present to him, can you say “military background”?). That would be GREAT!
    Welcome back to a fantastic cast and crew, can’t wait for the fireworks to begin.
    P.S. to Karenbeth Gluntz, as far as I know, these cases are build on “factual” ones, which is in part I suspect the reason for the graphic nature here.

  3. Criminal Minds is the absolute best show on television!! We watch rerun’s every day! It is smart, intelligent, and always entertaining! These characters have begun to feel more like family than television actors! Please keep the great story lines coming, and THANK YOU!

  4. ive always loved criminal minds and the team work really well together its my faorite shew then csi ny csimiami just to name a couple but am desperate for season 11 to begin and that all i need but please if its the end and no more seasons then give us a chance to say goodbye and we love you all you all have been apart of our lives foe a very long time so chees good luck with season11 cant wait to watch luv to all xxxxxoooo

  5. Bom. Acho otiimo qq vai acontecer a 11 temporada . Criminal minds é incrivel eu amo . So nao qria q mudacem os agentes dd departamento ,acredito que eles sao uma bela familia juntos, estao sempre um ajudando o outro, um apoiando o outro, resolvendo os problemas juntos e td mais .bom o mais importante éh qq a serie ta de volta e o Dr. Reid esta nela . <3 <3 <3

  6. That will make the show again bringing back Emily. You have no idea how many people absolutely love her. I don’t know how you got her back on but Thanks a bunch because we love her! Now just don’t let her leave.

  7. I truly enjoy this show and find it admirable that characters are allowed to come back. Am glad Prentiss is returning and Cook also a little later in season. I like all of the actors and am impressed by each on’es individuality. Good job to writers and actors.

  8. Criminal Minds has been in the top 3 of my favorite shows for as long as it has been in existance. I wish there they were going to have MORE episodes, not less. I watch so many of the old episodes on TV that I have some almost memorized…jk. And, I have most of the seasons on DVD. I’ve loved all the characters except one which I only liked.

    Thanks so much for not killing off any characters!

  9. I am soooo glad that Prentiss is coming back! I hope she stays on the show or a long time this time!!

  10. Yes im so glad prentiss is coming back I really hope she stays I like jlh but I miss prentiss the whole bau team feels like family to me ive never missed an episode and watched reruns more than twice this is my favorite show ever cant wait to see it oh yeah did anyone know that paget played on friends as joey girlfriend in 97 yay im so happy shes coming back ive been waiting since she left

  11. I will be happy for Agent Prentiss’s return. She’s been my favorite character since she first joined the cast. It’s been hard to see her leave multiple times…

  12. I have been watching Criminal Minds since season one. The characters mesh wonderfully and have grown with each new season. I can’t say that I have a favorite, but each and everyone on the team has captured my heart. Alone they could not survive, together they can conquer the world. I dabble in writing myself. Keep the wonderful stories lines. that has captured it’s audience coming.

  13. We love CM and watch reruns every day. So so glad Brewster is back! Love the character of Emily – she was always a favorite! And please – a normal (as possible; could be very funny) relationship for Dr. Reid please!

  14. Thanks so much for bringing back the Prentiss character! She is my favorite of all the female characters. So happy to see her back, even if for only a few episodes.

  15. Glad Prentiss is back and glad to hear A.J. will return. Jennifer Love Hewitt was great in ghost whisperer with Aisha, but never felt the magic with her in Criminal Minds.

  16. I’v seen every episode to many times to count ! CM is the very best show on tv . I really love the show !!! I also love everyone on there. Jennifer doesn’t fit ! I like her but she dont belong. Sorry ! I hope CM never goes off the air !! Keep up the good work ! Love you guys !!!!

  17. Yes, there really are people like this, who commit horrible crimes. It’s awful, but a pretty accurate depiction of real life.

  18. Have followed Criminal Minds from the beginning. Not the biggest Prentiss fan, nor is Jeanne Tripplehorn a favorite, but will surely miss A. J. Cook while she’s gone, and love Kirsten/Penelope. I can’t imagine the show without these two terrific actresses. Would miss every one of the male actors. All are perfect in their roles! Looking forward to season 11.

  19. Looking forward to PB coming back. Always loved the Emily character. I really liked Aisha Taylor in Ghost Whisperer and like her on The Talk, so I am sure she will be a nice addition. Can’t wait for episode 6…..the whole family will be back together.

  20. Bring her back and keep her. Don’t change the cast it is perfect the way it is and changing cast members angers the fans. it isn’t broken so leave it alone

  21. Original cast is what makes the show so awesome and we look forward to every episode with them in it

  22. so glad to see emily coming back I love watching the reruns on ion glad the whole gang is back LETS SO C R I M I N A L M I N D S…….welcome home.

  23. I miss Jeanne Tripplehorn! I thought she was great in her role. JLH is ok, but I would much prefer Jeanne. Been a fan of this show from day one and STILL have not forgiven the writers for killing off Haley Hotchner.

  24. Glad to know about Prentiss and A.J. Cook. These original characters are the best and vital to the show. Guest stars are wonderful too, but adding a new character doesn’t usually work: example: NCIS. The original team is awesome…….

  25. I love Criminal Mind just as it is. I am upset when I can’t find it on any channel I am a true fan of the TEAM!

  26. So I just heard that Paget herself said that she WON’T be coming back. I know this is an official article so I don’t get this but apparently Paget tweeted that she has another show she is doing that she can’t get out of!

  27. I’m very happy to hear that Prentiss is returning!! As for Aisha Taylor, well, I just won’t watch the episodes she’s in. Watching paint dry is more entertaining than she is. But as is always the case, it’s not what you know, but who you know.

  28. sooooo glad agent Prentiss is coming back along with aj:) I think Aisha tyler will be a good fit also. love this show and they don’t get the the credibility they deserve!!! I hope this show keeps going for a long long time. thank you cast for being the best!

  29. Love, love, love this show and ALL of the people in it. Thanks for bringing prentis back. AJ, hurry back too!

  30. glad to hear JJ’s not leaving, as for Hewitt I don’t think she was that good and wont miss her Prentiss is great, at least all our men are staying. I’ve watched this show from the start and
    I try never to miss it, and I watch the reruns which drives my husband crazy. We need for
    Hoch to get a wife, I think its time for JJ and Hoch to get together and you can kill off her now husband that we don’t see anyhow, and they both have boys, lets get a little romance in it and
    JJ and Hoch are the right ones, let Rossi run it for awhile he sometimes looks like a puppy and
    he should have a little more respect he started the unit.

  31. With Prentiss back that is the team back together, nobody has been able to fill her shoes. If it’s not broke don’t try and fix it. Criminal Minds have a winning team. They all compliment each other so well. Please keep Hotch, Rossie, JJ, Morgan,Prentiss, Reid and the brilliant Garcia together. I have watch this programme from day one. I have watched the repeats loads and loads of time can’t wait till its back on again

  32. Sorry that Haley died, but the episode in which she is murdered has me mesmerized whenever it is on. Episode “100”. For me, it is the most gripping and emotional hour of fictional television programming I’ve ever seen. Thomas Gibson’s reactions are right on as he is driving to their home where Haley is being threatened by The Reaper (C. Thomas Howell). Jack’s “working the case” and Hotch’ s relief finding him in the storage box is heart-rendering. It’s my favorite episode. My family even calls me when it is being re-broadcasted.

  33. I am so excited that it’s possible for old characters to return and I cannot believe that they confirmed the comeback of Emily Prentiss!!!!! I love and miss her!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait!!! And congrats to A.J. Cook on her new baby and same for Jennifer Love Hewitt!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Ok if you kill off JJ’s husband and she starts dating Hotch, then it will ruin the whole thing. Hotch found a girlfriend in Season 7 and has been with her for a while. Plus JJ is in her 30s and Hotch is in his early 50s. Also it wouldn’t work for Hotch’s son and JJ’s son

  35. Criminal Minds is my favorite program. I love the way the BAU analyzes situations to find the unsub. I watched tonight, 10/14, and found without one of the girls and Aisha Taylor as their sub, it was very dull. She doesn’t add anything to the group. I love Paget Brewster and AJ Cook. Please add someone with Aisha- she is too low key and brings the excitement level down.

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