Elder Scroll 6: Speculations, Expectations, the Long Wait and More

  • Richer World-Sporadic World Events: One of the best features in Skyrim was that the game procedurally generated event in places where the player haven’t been, to ensure that you have visited every place there is. It is something that all other open world game should take up. The fans world love to see the world come to life a bit more.
  • Polished Code and a New Engine: The obvious thing that needs fixing is the games engine itself. Bethesda has been using the same engine since Morrowind in 2002.But with Skyrim it was beginning to show that stretching the limitation of old hardware to new extremes is not a good idea.
  • Better Transport Options: Not talking of fast travel where u drop at any desired place in the map at the wake of the load screen. Instead we are talking about giving the player something other than marginally faster horses. At the end of the day if you play Skyrim you would surely like to explore the world and not just sit behind load screens with the alternative being a slow horse ride through the wilderness.

These were some amongst many of the things that the fans would like to see in the new installment of the mythos, The Elder Scroll 6: Argonia. But Bethesda prioritizes quality above anything else so until it is up to the standards for which the company is known for, the release date for the game is yet to be announced and all that the gamers could do is to sit and wait.