Half-Life 3 Rumored to Release on VR, Speculations Regarding Leaked Poster, Logo on Valve’s Official Website, And More

Half-Life 3 has been speculated for quite a long time now. There have been countless rumors about its release, development, use of the Source 2 Engine and much more. People keep expecting it at E3s but it hasn’t shown up yet. However, as always, ardent gamers and hardcore Half-Life fans aren’t giving up hope.

It’s been 10 years since we saw Gordon Freeman in the last Half-Life game and recently developers teased that a third game could finally be under development.  At the time of E3 2015, an official software page displayed a Half-Life logo. Earlier, people felt that Valve developers were actually up to something but right now it feels like the project has been cancelled.

During a recent tease at E3, Valve might have trolled or confirmed the upcoming release of Half-Life 3. Earlier, people expected that Fallout 4 could do a Half-Life 3 and turn out to be a complete myth. Thankfully, everything is not what it seems and Bethesda announced the news about their celebrated upcoming sequel, like a boss!

It finally got transformed from a legend into reality. As a result, many gamers have been instilled with hope that Half-Life 3 might just finally emerge! So far, Valve has been awfully secretive regarding the idea and that pisses us off! A lot of gamers are just ready to give up on any hope they might have nurtured so far.

The same goes for Left 4 Dead 3. It is a title that will probably be created someday, but possibly not by Valve. Sadly, all that gamers are wondering right now, is whether Gordon Freeman will burst out Valve offices again. While Fallout 4 gave us a lot of hope regarding the future, we can’t help but wonder whether we’ll get to see something similar in the case of Half-Life 3.

Gabe Newell announced quite some time ago that the only way they would ever consider doing Half-Life 3 is if the company’s developers wish to do it. At the same time, they’ll need to procure a valid reason behind such an initiative.

Well, talks like that don’t really instill hope into gamers. Why is it all about the developers? I mean, we understand that they are the ones creating the games but what about the ones who they’re creating it for? What about the millions of gamers all across the world, waiting to finally get their hands on Half-Life 3.

We sure hope Valve’s thinking about that. Gabe Newell and his Valve team seem to have moved quite a lot apart from games like Half-Life and Portal. He even said that Portal 2 was designated to become the last single-player game they would ever make. Valve gets a tremendous response from online gamers and they are highly supportive.

With such a tremendous level of developer-gamer interaction, why would Valve even want to get interested in single-player titles? Half-Life 3 may well release someday but gamers now have a lot to look out for in the upcoming years. People now have Fallout 4 and then GTA 6 will release in the near future.

Recently, according to Hercules Reyes of Vine Report, Valve has already teased that a new game will be released next year and it would be the long-awaited Half-Life 3. According to the report, Valve recently hinted that Half-Life 3 is coming and further blunder on their part might have confirmed it.

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  1. L4D3 + HL3 + TF3 + Portal 3 ($240 retail value) will come packaged free with the Vive ($350-450)to offset the cost (remember Valve doesn’t make games for profit anymore, they make them for fun). They will sell them separately for people who aren’t interested in VR and turn a profit. You’ll see more of this at Gamescom this year.

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