GTA 6 Expected to Release by 2020, Rumored to Include the Entire Map of the United States, And More

In GTA 6, gamers will expect to witness spontaneous missions not unlike these, popping up all over the map. For a lot of people, GTA IV was a bit dark and gloomy, considering the color-lacking environment and a gritty storyline. However, the developers created something entirely new in GTA V and players were introduced to an immensely well-crafted environment.

In short, Rockstar gave us the full-package with GTA 5. Games today need to focus on realism and at the same time; people should enjoy what they are going through. GTA V managed to balance it all with awesome style and finesse.

Rockstar should incorporate more property development and business management, especially considering the huge scope of the present-generation gaming platforms. It should become a more dominant part of the franchise, without sacrificing fun. GTA V was far from an empty sandbox game due to the fact that Rockstar allowed gamers to maintain control over the environment.

Users should be given the opportunity to manage more businesses and make more money at the same time.

Stay tuned for more updates on GTA 6!

2 thoughts on “GTA 6 Expected to Release by 2020, Rumored to Include the Entire Map of the United States, And More”

  1. It would be really nice if Rockstar could make another GTA like San Andreas.GTA 5 is fine, but I found the story mod really limited once you’re done with missions.There’s no possibility to buy mansions or even apartments.Family has been included for the first time in GTA but you cannot interact with.Rockstar only focused on the online mod of GTA which is a kind of unfortunate because some countries like mine where GTA is very popular since vice city do not benefit high speed internet and therefore GTA Online is just something that doesn’t exist to them.Don’t give me wrong, the development of a GTA can take up to 7 years and they should make something that keeps people patient meanwhile the next one.

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