Destiny 2: Rumored to Be Titled “The Shattered Suns”, Release Date Pushed Back, President of Bungie Steps Down!

Various rumors have been doing rounds on the internet for quite some time regarding Bungie’s next offering Destiny 2. The latest suggest that the game might not see a release date in the current year as was previously announced by Bungie.

Apparently, working on creating new DLCs for the original Destiny while also trying to develop Destiny 2 is proving to be too big a task for Bungie. This is being cited as the possible reason behind the delay in its release.

Bungie might not be doing justice to either of the games by dividing its workforce, as by doing so the company is not being able to give necessary attention to either Destiny or Destiny 2.

Amidst these rumors, Bungie was hit by a major blow when its President Harold Ryan decided to step down from his post. It has been a long time since he became the President of the company and thus his departure is indeed a big deal for the company.

The company recently came forward with the news of his resignation but did not divulge any details regarding the possible cause behind it. Pete Parsons, who is the acting chief operating officer of the company has been named as Harold’s replacement for the President’s post.

Ina recently released statement Pete Parsons thanked Harold for his friendship and his contribution towards the company. He also addressed the fans and stated that delivering top notch games is their number one priority and fans are yet to receive the best offering from the company.

Two other high profile employees of the company parted ways with it in the recent past. They were lead designer Josh Hamrick and lead-writer of Halo, Joseph Staten. Looks like things aren’t going smoothly for the game development company at the present moment.

Bungie stated on its official site that the studio will focus on developing new DLCs for Destiny under Pete Parsons’ leadership. As for Destiny 2 which was earlier slated for a September 2016 release might get pushed back and the studio might decide to release an expansion pack for Destiny in its stead. Activision announced back in 2014 that the development process of Destiny 2 was underway.

Bungie has not fared well when it comes to communicating with fans regarding the game. Apparently, this is becoming a cause of frustration for a certain percentage of the fan community. Frustrated fans at the current moment is not at all a good thing for Bungie and it will be in the best interests of the company that it comes forward with some concrete news regarding Destiny 2 as soon as possible.

Let us have a look at some of the things that fans would want to see in the upcoming game.  Firstly, with VR becoming a reality in recent times, fans would definitely want the upcoming game to be VR compatible which would enhance its gameplay experience.

Many fans complained that Destiny did not have enough planets to visit upon and they were forced to return to the available few planets over and over again which made the process tiring and also boring after a point in time. Thus the developers should work towards incorporating more locations in Destiny 2 which would make sure that fans do not get bored while playing the game.

The grimoire cards are not a fan favorite as fans believe that they are a poor alternative to the lore. Developers should keep this in mind and focus on building up a strong in-game narrative for the upcoming game.

The loading screens could also be revamped by allowing players to interact with ships and other things during the loading process. This would make sure that the loading process of the game does not become monotonous.

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