Fallout 4: Updates On the First DLC of The Game, Mods Coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4!

The Fallout 4 juggernaut continues to roll on as anticipations regarding an upcoming DLC start building up among fans. Fallout 4was released on November 10, 2015 and it has gone on become one of the highest grossing games worldwide ever to be released by Bethesda.

Bethesda recently announced that the game is set to get its first DLC by the end of the first quarter of 2016. A Season Pass is also available for purchase by fans which would make them eligible to get their hands on all of the DLCs that are released for the game without having to shell out money.

Bethesda further stated that since the developers are currently working on the first DLC for the game, it will not be able to reveal specific details about it at the moment.

However, based on the amount of content of the upcoming DLC, the company predicts that its minimum price would be $40. That being said, fans can purchase the Season Pass which comes with a price tag of $30 and become eligible to receive the DLC for free.

A number of mods have been created and released by fans and developers for the game using its mod kit. However, these mods are exclusive to the PC version of the game as the process of customizing is not yet available on the console platforms.

Fans should not be too disappointed though as a recent announcement through the official Twitter account of the game stated that mods are set to arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the near future.

The announcement came as a response to a query from a fan regarding mods for consoles. This is definitely good news for fans who play the game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as mods have become quite an important part of the game increasing its fun quotient in a big way.

Players are able to customize the game as per their choice through these mods. Various items can also be added to it by the mods. With each passing day, mods are becoming an important aspect in the field of modern day gaming and thus its availability in console platforms is going to be happily welcomed by fans.

No specific details regarding when these mods will be available has been divulged by Bethesda yet, but the developers urged fans through Twitter to stay tuned for more information about the matter.

Latest reports suggest that these mods will be first released for Xbox One and then will be rolled out for PlayStation 4 at a later date. The reason behind this is the fact that Xbox One runs on Windows 10 and thus it is easier to make the process of customizing accessible on it compared to PlayStation 4.

The missing of Traits from Fallout 4 has been the topic of discussion across various forums recently. Traits are something that are similar to perks which allows player to upgrade particular skill sets. It has been missing in action in Fallout 4 and this has been the reason of disappointment for a number of fans of the game.

However, fans are in for some good news as Traits is making a comeback to the game through a mod that has been created by a modder by the name of Cirosan.

This new mod is being called the Traits and More Perks mod and it will reportedly work towards improving the gameplay experience of players in a major way.

However, the process of acquiring Traits in Fallout 4 will be different from the process by which it was obtainable in previous Fallout games. In previous iterations of the game, player could simply assign Traits to character while creating them.