Apple iPhone 5SE: Rumors Suggest a March Release, Will Replace the iPhone 5S!

Various reports are suggesting that Apple has already begun the production process of its next 4 inch iPhone which is the iPhone 5SE. The upcoming iPhone 5SE will be cheaper compared to the iPhone 6 and might see the light of the day in March.

This upcoming device will reportedly be an entry-level handset which will be primarily targeted towards the emerging markets. Apparently, the Cupertino-based company is trying to increase its user base in the emerging markets by introducing a cheaper handset.

The upcoming device is being touted as a replacement for the currently available iPhone 5S in the market. The iPhone 5SE will come with similar tech specs as that of the iPhone 5S but it will get an update in the processor and the camera department. Latest reports state that it will have a more powerful processor and a better camera compared to the iPhone 5S.

The A8 processor which is used in the iPhone 6 might find its way under the hood of the iPhone 5SE. Apple might also decide to incorporate the more powerful A9 processor into the upcoming device.

A renowned website stated that the iPhone 5SE will be similar to the iPhone 6 but will sport a smaller body compared to it. It might be unveiled in an upcoming Apple event which is scheduled to be held in March. Other Apple devices like the new Apple Watch and the iPad Air 3 are expected to make an appearance alongside the iPhone 5SE at the March event.

It will be available in several variants based on its internal memory which would range from 16 GB to 64GB. Siri, Apple’s personal assistant will be included in the upcoming device.

Expectedly, it will sport a 4-inch screen and its outer body will be made of aluminum. Its A8 or A9 processor will be coupled with 2GB of RAM and it will feature Touch ID. It is being speculated that it will come with a price tag which would hover within the $400-$500 mark.

Usage of aluminum will enable the developers to give a lean mean look to the device. The aluminum body of the iPhone 5SE will be thinner and sleeker compared to the other 4 inch iPhones currently in the market.

The Touch ID fingerprint sensor has become quite popular among users in recent times. This feature ensures maximum security for the private data of users and also allows them to unlock their device with ease without having to draw patterns or type in pass codes.

This feature is not present in the existing iPhone 5C but it is being speculated that Apple will include it in their upcoming iPhone 5SE.

In a recent announcement, Apple stated that over 1 billion iOS devices are currently being used by people all over the world. Apple further added that there might be a dip in sales of iPhones in the upcoming March quarter.

Thus experts are assuming that the introduction of a cheaper iPhone could be a clever move by Apple to ensure that consumers decide to opt for it instead of Android devices which have similar price ranges.

The upcoming device will feature an 8-megapixel camera on its back accompanied with a 1.2 megapixel one on its front side. The camera will come with the autofocus feature for video recording and will support capturing of larger panorama pictures.

The Apple Pay which was introduced by Apple with the iPhone 6 lineup will be featured in the iPhone 5SE along with built in NFC technology, that is required for the feature to work. The preinstalled health app of the device will consist of a barometer that can be used to keep a track on elevation.