The 100 Season 3: Clarke Is Caught and Brought to Lexa, Roan’s Identity Revealed, And More

The first season of The 100 season 3 started on a very interesting note with a search for Clarke (Eliza Taylor). The episode called Wanheda: Part One came to an end with a bounty hunter called Roan (Zach McGowan) finding out Clarke and then holding a knife onto her throat. However, Roan doesn’t kill Clarke and the viewers breathe a sigh of relief.

Before you can think how good a soul Roan is, let’s clear some things about The 100 Season 3. Clarke is as surprised as we are upon finding that Roan doesn’t harm her, but then both find out that it was Lexa’s (Alycia Debnam-Carey) deal that kept her alive.

Lexa had made a deal with Roan where he was supposed to find Clarke and get her back unharmed and it was that part of the bargain that the bounty hunter was following and not because he was a person with a kind heart.

However, Roan did show a side of his character in the manner he kept Bellamy (Bob Morley) away by hurting his leg. Of course hurting someone so bad that the person was temporarily crippled isn’t a good thing to do, but viewers will have to keep in mind that Roan had to stop Bellamy searching for Wanheda/ Clarke.

The only way Bellamy could be stopped in his pursuit of Clarke was if he was retired hurt and that was exactly what Roan did. Roan didn’t want to relentlessly go on searching for Clarke, since she would keep running away from Bellamy and Roan would have had to kill Bellamy to keep up Lexa’s deal and hence injuring him was a good thing he did.

Bellamy is heartbroken when he sees Clarke with Roan. He keeps on saying that they cannot lose Clarke and it is heart wrenching for the viewers. While Wanheda: Part One created a lot of mysteries, Wanheda: Part Two cleared some air about some of the characters.

The viewers find out that Roan isn’t any ordinary bounty hunter. He is in fact, a prince and his mother is the nemesis of Lexa, the Ice Queen. However, this opens up more questions than answers.

The identity of Roan is out, but why does he follow Lexa’s order and why is he imprisoned by Lexa. If he is the prince of Ice Nation, why isn’t he there with his people instead of running Lexa’s errand?

The union scene between Clarke and Lexa is epic. Lexa upon seeing Clarke turns on Roan upon seeing her injuries. She immediately removes her chains and apologizes to her. While Lexa tells her that she needs her, Clarke spits on her face and shouts.

Entertainment Weekly put to perspective the reason why Roan is interested in finding her out. Clarke has a lot of power in her hands since she killed the Mountain Men.

The Grounder lore holds that whenever a warrior is killed, their power goes into the body of the murderer and hence Clarke is very powerful now and Roan, who is the Commander of Death, wants it.

However, McGowan talks about his character and says that Roan isn’t just after the power that is coursing through Clarke’s body. If he was really after the power and had to kill Clarke, he would have done the moment he caught hold of her and wouldn’t have waited that long.

On the other hand, Clarke isn’t an easy target to kill. She has learnt of things in her three months in the Iam and she is learning things while in the situation of the captive. She is alert and sharp and ready to respond to a crisis.