Free Story Mode DLC for Street Fighter 5 Will Be Released in June, Game Comes with a Digital Comics as Well, And More!

It was revealed that Street Fighter 5 will come with a new Story DLC mode and Capcom further revealed that those who have pre-ordered the game from Amazon will also receive a free digital copy comic book.

Meanwhile, a post on, a free digital copy of “Street Fighter Unlimited #1” will be released on and it will come with all the pre-orders of the regular and the collector’s edition of Street Fighter 5 from Amazon.

In the digital comics, the story of Ryu will be featured while he tries to stop Dark Hadou from taking over his body. If this is not prevented, Ryu will turn into Dark Ryu, who is seen in “Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.”

The digital comics of Street Fighter Unlimited #1 were written by Kem Siu-Chong and Jim Zub. They further worked on many other Street Fighter comics in the past. Recently, it was announced by the Game Studios that the upcoming installment will feature a free story mode DLC in June. According to the latest reports, the downloadable content will come with an hour of cinematic content.

It will complete the storyline which links Street Fighter 4 with Street Fighter 5. It was recently announced by the game studio that Street Fighter 5 will get a free story mode DLC in June. Meanwhile, during a recent conversation with executive producer Yoshinori Ono, the upcoming story different from the DLC will be released after the game’s official launch in February.

‘’We have two approaches that we’re actually taking,” Ono declared. “First and foremost, there are the character stories, which are really serving as a prologue in terms of getting people up to speed with what’s happening in ‘Street Fighter 5 and it’s very similar to what you see in other ‘Street Fighter’ titles–it has still screenshots, conversations, and banter between characters.” Ono further said that it will not be the usual illustrations for the coming DLC.

The executive producer of the game said, “This is going to have in-game models, everything will happen in real time, and it’s also going to have an hour plus of cinematic content.” On 16th February, Street Fighter 5 will be released exclusively on Steam and PlayStation 4.

The first trailer for the upcoming DLC has already been released and you should do well to check it out right away. Ono declared, “….So anybody who has purchased the disc and has the game will be getting this content for free via an update coming in June.” Ono also shared his vision regarding the Street Fighter timeline at large.

Ono said, “I haven’t talked about this previously, but in terms of where Street Fighter 5 is placed in the SF universe timeline, it’s placed between Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III. With Street Fighter 5, the concept that we’re trying to accomplish is to wrap everything together–all six titles of Street Fighter together–cohesively.”

Meanwhile, Capcom has plans to support Street Fighter 5 for years to come and they were asked whether or not there will be additional story expansions that are released with time.

Matt Dahlgren declared that, “There’s a possibility of that; we don’t have anything planned just yet as we’re just working on the first expansion, which is already very ambitious. But time will tell, if there’s a lot of fan demand for things.

There could be likelihood in the long-term.” It was also announced by Capcom that it will be holding one final beta from 30th January at 12:01 AM PT (8:01 AM GMT) until January 31, at 19:00 PT (February 1, 3:00 AM GMT).