Rainbow Six Siege Gets New Improvements and Fixes in the Latest Patch Update, Operation Black Ice Will Come in February, More Details!

Rainbow Six Siege by Tom Clancy is supposed to receive a downloadable content later this month. Sadly, due to delays, the update named Operation Black Ice has been pushed back to an early February release.

Meanwhile, screenshots of the new DLC has been leaked ahead of the of the delayed release date for Rainbow Six Siege. A DLC trailer reportedly leaked from Ubisoft Mexico and images were grabbed from it.

The trailer has been taken down since then but the leaked images revealed a large yacht on icy waters. Meanwhile, a Redditor named Fireinyoyrhole uploaded DLC images of the new operatives Frost and Buck on Rainbow Six Siege forums.

The images further revealed what these operatives had to offer to the Rainbow Six gamers.  Frost is actually a defensive operator who comes with an ability known as ‘Welcome Mat’. With this ability, the operative can lay out a mechanical trap which incapacitates enemies. On the other hand, Buck is an attack operator who has an ability called Skeleton Key.

With this ability, a shotgun can be attached to his main weapon and further equipped by him. According to reports from PlayStation Lifestyle, these two operatives are presently available for players to unlock.

Each of these operatives cost around 25000 Renown which is equal to $4.99 of in-game currency. Ubisoft has teased eight different operative and among them, Frost and Buck will be the first two.

Operation Black Ice is also expected to introduce a new map besides leaked images of these two operatives. There will also be a handful of new weapon skins in all tiers, as was stated in the official Rainbow Six Siege website and there will also be upgrades for the gameplay. With every season, one new map will be introduced in the game along with two new operatives, new game modes as well as cosmetic items.

On 1st December, 2015, Rainbow Six Siege was released and for Ubisoft, this is simply the beginning of a whole new experience. The company’s blog stated, “We believe this is a game that will have a long lifespan, and we are eager to continue to support the game as the Rainbow Six community grows.” In the meantime, the first DLC is expected to be released on 2nd February.

In other news, Rainbow Six Siege Patch 1.3 has arrived for consoles and it comes with a number of fixes and improvements. During the preparation phase, players will no longer be able to exit their zone. However, players have been requested to keep an eye out for it and report in case it happens again.

The update comes with level design fixes. A bug that allowed players to exit their zone during the preparation phase has been fixed. Players were earlier able to go through walls when transitioning from prone to standing position combined with putting up a barricade and this has been fixed. Meanwhile, several online fixes have been introduced:

  • Partial fix of Error [2-0x00000041]. Refer to the High Priority Issues in the Known Issues post for more information.
  • Potential full fix of the loading screen freeze (smoke background). Refer to the High Priority Issues in the Known Issues post for full information.
  • Potential full fix of the failed data synchronization issue. Refer to the High Priority Issues in the Known Issues post for full information.
  • Session authentication operation requests will make use of the per data center proxy instead of the Dev one.
  • Error tracking has been improved which will help in easier issue identification by Ubisoft.
  • Reconnection fixes for ranked match for PC.
  • Players will not be leaving all sessions anymore if game was closed by pressing [x] or ALT+F4.
  • Players who leave a ranked match by pressing F10 will receive reconnection and abandon messages.
  • Variety of Connectivity and crash fixes.