Rainbow Six Siege Gets New Improvements and Fixes in the Latest Patch Update, Operation Black Ice Will Come in February, More Details!

If you haven’t played Rainbow Six Siege yet, it features intense and tight gameplay. One wrong move on your part can finish it all in an instant. Ten players are split into two separate teams, one of them attacking the object while the other defends it.

The game mode decides what that objective is. It could be a bomb or a hostage situation but a good time is had by all, excluding the hostage probably! You need an immense level of tact and precision since the game does not have any form of respawns.

Defenders need to setup booby traps, barricades and reinforcements at the start of each round in order to make it really difficult for the attackers. Attackers can control remote ground drones for locating the objective and use the ability to mark enemy players and also reveal which special operators are in play.

Both of the teams will need to pick up fictional operators from Special Forces all across the globe. Each of them comes with unique abilities as well as weapon. In other words, Rainbow Six Siege is what you call a thinking man’s Call of Duty.

Stay tuned for more updates on Rainbow Six Siege!