Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation Will Feature Siri, People Hoping For Fall 2015 Launch, And More

Earlier, it was believed that Apple wishes to discontinue their line of iPod Touch devices since they already have many different devices that are capable of performing its functions with many added benefits. Earlier, questions were being raised whether the device will actually be developed or not. There were reports which indicated how Apple will continue iPod Touch 6G production once the demand for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus goes stable. Right now, the question is when the manufacturer decides to reveal the Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation.

Last time, Apple released the iPod Touch 5th generation back in September 2012 and it’s been three years since then. Right now, fans are hoping that Apple will release the iPod Touch 6th Generation device on September 2015 this year. The Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation will be released in September along with the latest line of devices from Apple. Most of the functions of an Apple iPod Touch can be easily performed by the iPhone and the iPad.

The 6th generation iPod Touch will have many new features which make it greatly unique and allow it to stand apart from the other devices. However, Apple will not disappoint its fans with the next powerful Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation device. Reports indicate that it will be water-resistant and feature Apple’s digital assistant known as Siri. Venture Capital Post reports that the incorporation of Siri will make sure that the latest device performs quite smoothly and intuitively.

Besides Siri and the water-resistant feature, Apple will introduce a lot of new features that ensure the Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation has a market of its own. According to a recent article by The Stabley Times, Apple is holding of the iPod Touch 6th generation release till the introduction of iPhone 6S or any other latest iPhone. Meanwhile, people are also speculating that iPhone 6S hardware will be revealed with the introduction of iPod Touch 6th generation. The iPhone 6S could be hitting shelves later this year.

3 thoughts on “Apple iPod Touch 6th Generation Will Feature Siri, People Hoping For Fall 2015 Launch, And More”

  1. Believe it or not, I still have the Gen 1 ipod and use it daily. I for sure am awaiting the Gen 6 release.

  2. I still love my 4th gen iPod. Last year when I totaled my last 4th genone, I decided to stick with the 4th gen line to stay away from iOS 7’s ugly UIand, have bulletproof reliability! I ended up going from a. 32gb 4th gen to a 64gb 4th gen.

    Now, if a new iPod Touch 6th Gen were to be released, I’d probably upgrade to a 5.6 inch 64/128gb and see how I like it. If I don’t, I’d give it to charity and no matter what, I’ll still retain my legendary 4th gen!

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