Mafia 3: Rick Pasqualone’s Post Creates A Buzz, No Official News, New Setting In Louisiana, And More

Rick Pasqualone had teased a few months back that Mafia 3 is on the card. Pasqualone lend his voice to the lead in Mafia 2 and when he said that there was work happening on Mafia 3 fans had become super excited.

Rick had stated in his Twitter account that the fans should be ready to get a new title from their favourite gaming franchise, Mafia, but it’s been two months since that post and the buzz that was created with it has gone down with lack of any news about the next instalment of the game.

There has not been any official confirmation on the post regarding Mafia 3 and after the post, Rick Pasqualone himself, has gone quiet about any further developments, which have caused fans to question the authenticity of the news.

Some are of the opinion that the voice actor had heard some internal rumour regarding the developers talking about their plans for Mafia 3 and tweeted it without cross examining his facts. If the studio had plans of releasing news very soon they would have shared teaser trailers and promotional content.

Pasqualone has angered quite a few fans with his post. They think that it was very immature on his part to spread rumours about Mafia 3 in this manner without any official backup. We don’t know for a fact if the post was a rumour, but the silence over the topic indicates that.

There are several who have come out with another theory. They believe that Pasqualone was contacted by the developers and asked to keep quiet and not make any further comments. The moment he is a part of the next venture by 2K Games he is under an NDA and is not supposed to pass any information.

The speculation about Mafia 3 actually being on the cards and likely to be released soon was further by Play-Asia an online game retailer who listed Mafia 3 under its list of titles. Several plans felt that since Play-Asia is a leading online game retailer, they would get the inside scoop, but the description of the game is similar to the one used in Mafia 3 and it is unlikely that 2K Games will use the same description for a new title.