Jurassic World: Video Focuses On The Mayhem Caused by the D-Rex, Pratt Shines Through, And More

Jurassic World is finally out with a trailer that is full of scary, angry dinosaurs. The trailer was unveiled in the CinemaCon 2015 by director Colin Trevorrow and Chris Pratt. Yes, the trailer is still loaded with Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady, but we have way more dinosaur time in it and this has thoroughly pleased the fans.

The trailer opens with Pratt’s Grady falling in a raptor pit. The raptors immediately get ready to attack him, but the handler knows how to calm them down and ultimately is able to leave that area alive.

This shows the viewers that no matter how powerful humans get, they are not fully in charge of the creatures that they have created in the Jurassic World. Isla Nublar might be a jewel of science and technological advancement, but the power boundaries are not yet set on stone and it can tip on any side and cause havoc.

The trailer shows what the tourists do in the newly opened Jurassic World. They watch the T-Rex eat a goat and the underwater mosasaurus eat fish. Little kids, who are visiting the park, ride on young triceraptors.

After giving as an idea about what’s happening in the park, the trailer takes us inside the engineering lab. Bryce Dallas Howard and Irfan Khan discuss about the new genetically engineered dinosaur that they are creating. Chris Pratt’s character is clearly not happy with what the lab is doing and to prove his point, when Howard says that this creation will give nightmare to the kids, Khan’s character quips in saying that the dinosaur is going to give the parents nightmares.

The trailer soon shows the viewers the havoc and nightmare inducing activities that will happen after this genetically engineered dinosaur escapes. The lab had created two such species, but one of them eats the other. The creature is smart and outsmarts the humans.