Thor 3: Hemsworth’s Contract Coming To An End, Avengers Compete To Lift Thor’s Hammer, And More

Thor 3: Ragnarok has big things chalked out for it as it might be the last Thor film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chris Hemsworth has confirmed that his contract is ending after his appearance in Thor 3: Ragnarok and both the part of Avengers: Infinity wars.

It is rumoured that since Robert Downey Jr.’s contract was extended after the Avengers, with plans to include him as Iron Man in another films from Marvels, likewise Hemsworth’s contract will also be extended once Avengers: Infinity Wars is out.

With doubt over the extension of the contract, Thor 3: Ragnarok is very special to the fans because of Thor and Chris Hemsworth. It is most likely to be the last standalone Thor film.

Thor 3: Ragnarok, highlights that the plot may see the end of the Asgard, the abode of the Gods. The term “Ragnarok” in Norse mythology refers to the end of the world and it might indicate that this film will see the end of Thor and Loki. Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is going to team up with the Fire Giant, Surtur cause havoc in Asgard.

Thor 3 will see the return of the most notorious enemy of Thor, Surtur the Fire Giant of Musphelheim. There is much debate and speculation about the possible plot of Thor 3. The film is expected to focus on Loki’s character and his background.

He will start on the side of the bad guys, but with the progression of the plot and the destruction of Asgard looming large; he will eventually team up with his brother, Thor and destroy the enemy. The film is also speculated to deal with Loki’s story- his hatred for his family and his transformation into an evil God.

There are rumours that claim Loki might die saving Asgard in Thor 3, paving the way for Thor to take the throne.