Jurassic World: Video Focuses On The Mayhem Caused by the D-Rex, Pratt Shines Through, And More

The trailer shows Pratt and another worker hiding beneath two cars, but the Diabolus Rex seems to be able to sniff them out. The raptor handler decides to cut the fuel line and douse himself with it to mask his scent and escapes.

People get chomped off at an alarming rate and to make things worse there aren’t enough boats to take them to sore safely. Jake Jackson makes an appearance at this point and dishes out the horrific condition out in the park. Vincent D’Onofrio, is a hunter and he tries to shoot the Diabolus Rex and fails miserably.

The trailer creates enough chills before Pratt states that he will take things in his hand and do things his way. He doesn’t go behind the Diabolus Rex in the trailer, but he plans to do so with the help of his band of velociraptors.

The Diabolus Rex is not stopping at just humans; it is killing dinosaurs as well. A pack of brontosaurus was killed by it and we see Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt mourning it.

The previous trailer had an ominous feel to it and the latest trailer just shows us what’s in store for the movie goers this summer. Jurassic World hits theatres June 12th 2015 and it has already created a lot of excitement among the fans of Jurassic World.