Mafia 3: Rick Pasqualone’s Post Creates A Buzz, No Official News, New Setting In Louisiana, And More

Fans are hopeful that the game is under development and 2K Games is just not making any official announcement until the development process is done. While fans are patiently waiting for Mafia 3 there’s rumour that Vito Scaletta is expected to return in this instalment. Given that Rick Pasqualone was the one who wrote that post, it is given that he is a part of Mafia 3 as well.

It is believed that Joe will be the lead in Mafia 3 along with Vito and the action will be set in Louisiana this time. Based on the ending of Mafia 2, Joe had headed on a different way than what Vito had asked him to do and it is likely that Joe will take the lead and seek revenge against Leo and Vito.

The Louisiana setting will introduce three new characters. Franklin, who knows how to get a work done at any cost, Tony who is good with numbers, and Mickey who just talks big.