Justin Bieber: Charged For Assaulting Limousine Driver, Selena Still Affected By Him, And More

Controversies just don’t seem to leave poor old Justin Bieber. Now he has a limousine driver in Toronto, suing him!

Brain Greenspan, Justin Bieber’s lawyer has claimed that his client was very much present at the scene of the alleged crime, but hadn’t committed the crime. There was a confusion when it appeared that Greenspan has said that Bieber wasn’t there hence the assault couldn’t have taken place.

The lawsuit was filed after there was incident where Justin Bieber and five others were picked up in Uber’s Ford Expedition SUV from a Toronto nightclub. The driver, Abdul Mohar, said that the six were under the influence of alcohol and marijuana for there was a distinct odor of the two.

Abdul Mohar, the victim has said in his statement that there was a difference in opinion over the volume of the songs that were playing and Bieber, suddenly without any warning, moved to the front of the vehicle, turned the volume up and attacked him viciously. Bieber supposedly punched Mohar on the right cheek with a closed fist and then continued hitting him on the back of his head repeatedly four-five times.

These allegation shaven been proved in the court and Bieber’s statement has not yet been filed. Mohar is asking for a payment of $850,000 for the damages and a permanent injunction that will stop Bieber and those associated with him to come within 100 metres of him.

Bieber’s lawyer has said that the charges were withdrawn since the alleged person didn’t fit Bieber’s description!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s story refuses to die down. Now when the 22 year old actress has supposedly called it quits with her boyfriend Zedd, she is back in touch with her ex and things aren’t looking very good with the two.

Selena’s friends are very worried that being in touch with Justin is already messing up with her head. Selena was never over Justin and she is still possessive about him. So much so that Justin uploading a photo of Ashley Moore on Instagram has upset Selena.