Justin Bieber: Charged For Assaulting Limousine Driver, Selena Still Affected By Him, And More

With Zedd out of the picture, Justin Bieber has been quite sweet and nice to Selena and is trying to mend things with her. Just when she was about to start letting her guard down and warm up to him, he went and did something that just shows her why she isn’t with him.

A source close to the two has said that Justin had called her up and was being sweet and complimenting her on her new photos and then later that day went and uploaded the photo of Ashley Moore. Selena feels that Justin is messing up with her by uploading the photo of the girl he cheated on her with. It bothers her that he can still affect her this way.

Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande have also started a lot of speculation with their performance together. The two seem to be more than just friends. The performance was disapproved by Big Sean as well and he broke up with Grande soon after.

With news of Justin Bieber flirting with girls doing the rounds, OK! Magazine was told by a source that Selena and Orlando Bloom are secretly hooking up together.