Persona 5 Release Date TBA at E3, Developers Provide an Insight on the Upcoming Title, And More News!

Fans of the Persona franchise have been quite excited lately since the latest installment in this franchise is due to arrive on October this year. Right now, this is just a passing rumor but most of the fans are already convinced that it’s true, even without any official confirmation from the developers. According to the gamers, the title is scheduled to release on both PS3 and PS4 consoles this year. Right now, many are expecting for some insight provided by the developers regarding the release of this title.

People are hoping that during their appearance at E3, we might get to know the official confirmation of the release date. Although there hasn’t been an exact schedule regarding the release, few reports indicate the setting and characters that will be featured in this title. According to the latest rumors, Phantom is the main protagonist in this game. He is a character that we have already seen in Yomiuri Shimbun advertisement. He is a young lad who once lived in a café that was handled by a family friend. At one point, he was forced to live on the streets and took hold of an alternate personality. Wearing a mask, he called himself The Phantom Thief.

There are reports regarding the plot that suggest the characters will do something, which they believe is right under the correct circumstances. At the same time, it will force them to go on the run. During one of the trailers, games witnessed Phantom being held in prison. In the end, it might be a true physical prison but more like a metaphorical, spiritual prison which the character is trying to break out of. Games will witness the return of various awesome gameplay elements from previous titles.

These include random dungeons and the community system; both of them were highly praised before. They follow the same constant pattern, individually designed for each dungeon. In the beginning, Phantom will begin with a Persona known as ‘Arsene’. It could be in reference to Arsene Lupin, a popular thief from French Literature. These are just speculations at the moment, but various indications prove that it could end up being true.