Johnny Depp: Looks Exactly Like The Real Whitey Bulger, Caused An Oscar Buzz, And More

Johnny Depp gets into the skin of the character that he plays. He transforms himself and becomes the person during the duration of the time of the filming. To play the role of each character he has ever depicted on screen, Depp transforms himself physically. He disappears behind the skin of the character he portrays.

A bright green lens or a wig is what it takes for him to transform into some of the most memorable characters for films like Alice in Wonderland and The Pirates of the Caribbean. This time, with his new movie Mr. Depp has again walked the path of surprising his fans.

Black Mass will see Johnny Depp playing the role of Whitey Bulger. The film depicts the real life story of a Bulger. Bulger was the first gangster in Boston, who also happened to be an FBI informant to help them track down and eliminate the Italian Mafia.

What makes Bulger’s story interesting was that, while he broke the law and was himself a criminal, he was helping the state authorities to eliminate other criminals. Bulger was also the brother of the Massachusetts state senate. The role of the senator brother will be played by British actor Benedict Cumberbatch in Black Mass.

Johnny Depp wasn’t the first choice for director Scott Cooper. Bulger is fair haired and has blue eyes and the casting directors didn’t feel that Johnny Depp could fit in that image. However, Depp surprised all after his transformation into the character.

Scott said that a lot of people on the sets of Black Mass knew Whitey Bulger personally and even they had chills when they saw Depp in his make-up for the film. He became the character that he was going to portraying. He became Whitey Bulger.