Amazing Spider Man 3: Garfield Shown The Boot, Time For Solo High School Spiderman Movie, And More

Amazing Spider Man 3 has come out with another twist in its tale. The movie has been hanging on a thin wire for some time now and finally it looks like we are getting our confirmations.

With the signing of the agreement between Sony Entertainment and Marvel Studios, it was well speculated that Amazing Spider Man 3 is not going to see the day light. This also implies the fact that Andrew Garfield will not wear the webbed costume once again to climb on the wall.

Reports suggest that Amazing Spider Man 3 was called off because of the differences between Andrew Garfield and the chief of Sony Entertainment Kaz Hirai. This clash came to light during an event in Rio de Janeiro last summer.

Experts say that Kaz Harai was to introduce Andrew Garfield as the face of Amazing Spider Man 3 during the event, but for reasons best known to Garfield, the short tempered and temperamental actor never turned up for the show. He was in the country when the event was taking place, but decided to not show up for it. According to Garfield, he was not feeling good and hence could not make it to the event.

This resulted in Kaz to change his speech in the last minute and things turned sour from that occasion. Had things gone as planned there would have been the formal announcement of Amazing Spider Man 3 and Andrew Garfield would have been named the face of the film.

The domino effect of this lead to forging a deal between Marvel Studios and Sony Entertainment. The act that was pulled out by Garfield did not leave Kaz with any other option, but to put aside the idea of Amazing Spider Man 3 and strike a deal with Marvel Studios for a new Spider Man movie.

With the signing of the deal the wall-crawling superhero becomes a part of the Marvel Universe and will be seen in the upcoming film Captain America: Civil War. Shootings for the same started around last week.

5 thoughts on “Amazing Spider Man 3: Garfield Shown The Boot, Time For Solo High School Spiderman Movie, And More”

  1. not asa,for God’s sake.they did the same thing while hiring tobey…try to understand man,they can be anything they want.. but not peter parker

  2. If they go through with rebooting the story again then I’m done with spiderman and if a lot note feel the same they better just continue with the third one or just stop because they’ll still just lose money

  3. This is stupid
    Keep Andrew Garfield because he did great as his role as spiderman. If you change the whole thing then it will just get messed up. Who cares if he was sick… Many people get sick or get stage fright and its perfectly normal. Keep Andrew Garfield !!

  4. It wouldn’t make sense for him to stay since it’s another reboot. He wasn’t really the best choice for Spider-Man…

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