Amazing Spider Man 3: Garfield Shown The Boot, Time For Solo High School Spiderman Movie, And More

The good news for Spiderman fans is that the deal between the two companies may see a solo Spiderman film coming out sometime in 2017. Think tanks have been running names for the role of Spiderman in the film and looks like they have settled for the 18 year old Asa Butterfield.

Both the companies wanted an actor younger than Tobey or Garfield and hence Asa looks to be the perfect match. Butterfield will become the first Brit to ever play the role of the Spiderman. Looks like the young boy is following the footsteps of his fellow countrymen Henry Cavill and Christian Bale to go ahead and play superheroes on screen.

Bale was seen as the Crusader in “Batman Begins” and Henry was seen as Superman in “Man of Steel”. Asa Butterfield is famous for his roles in the Oscar winning movie, “Hugo” and the sci-fi “Ender’s Game”.

As per reports, Spiderman is all set to return to high school and hence Marvel and Sony were looking for a young actor to play the role. Fans can expect two solo Spiderman movies coming their way. There have been talks about a sequel, but no official confirmations.

5 thoughts on “Amazing Spider Man 3: Garfield Shown The Boot, Time For Solo High School Spiderman Movie, And More”

  1. not asa,for God’s sake.they did the same thing while hiring tobey…try to understand man,they can be anything they want.. but not peter parker

  2. If they go through with rebooting the story again then I’m done with spiderman and if a lot note feel the same they better just continue with the third one or just stop because they’ll still just lose money

  3. This is stupid
    Keep Andrew Garfield because he did great as his role as spiderman. If you change the whole thing then it will just get messed up. Who cares if he was sick… Many people get sick or get stage fright and its perfectly normal. Keep Andrew Garfield !!

  4. It wouldn’t make sense for him to stay since it’s another reboot. He wasn’t really the best choice for Spider-Man…

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