Apple iPhone 7: Sidewall, Force Touch Display And Improved A9, Price Likely To Increase Further!

The Cupertino company had launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last year in September and there are rumors that the company is going to come out with their Apple iPhone 7 soon. Rumors surrounding iPhone 7 started around April, but there aren’t any official news yet.

Reports suggest the iPhone 7 is going to be so different from the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that the company is not going to continue with their existing naming scheme for the newer versions of their phone. They will ditch the terms iPhone 6S or iPhone 6C and go ahead with iPhone 7 instead.

The rumors of an autumn release of Apple iPhone 7 was started by the KGI Securities analyst. Ming-Chi Kuo, who has always been accurate and is well respected for his predictions and knowledge about the tech industry.

Ming-Chi Kuo had said that the Apple iPhone 7 will have a Force Touch display. Apple has introduced the Force Touch in their MacBook and Apple Watch. The technology that will be used in the iPhone 7 will be slightly varied from the one used in the MacBook and the Apple Watch – instead of measuring the pressure put on the screen to distinguish between pressing and tapping, the new technology will detect the area of contact to differentiate.

Apple had made a giant leap when it came to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and it doesn’t look like they will make changes with iPhone 7. The screen-size will be a 4.7 inch with rounded aluminium frame work. The phone is likely to be available in the patent colours of Slate Grey, Silver and Gold. Wall Street Journal has reported that Apple may also launch a fourth colour for iPhone 7, preferably the rose gold, similar to the Apple Watch.