Sister Wives: Meri Kody Split After 24 Years, Robyn All Set To Tie Knots With Kody!

Sister Wives Season 5 came to an end and fans are disheartened with the finish. The season ended with a shocker. The finale showed Kody Brown’s sole legal wife Meri Barber approaching her lawyer for filing a divorce. Fans couldn’t believe that this was happening. The reason behind it was unclear, but eventually it was realized that the divorce was not because of the issues between the couple.

The primary reason behind the divorce is to allow Kody to marry his youngest wife, Robyn. The decision to let Robyn and Kody marry is that this allows the latter to adopt three of Robyn’s children that were born prior to this relation.

This gesture is certainly one of a kind, but it raises further questions about Meri’s presence in the future seasons. A report from IB suggests that Meri will quit the show to put more focus on her uncompleted studies.

Sources suggest that Season 6 will mainly revolve around Kody and his divorce with Meri, Kody’s marriage with Robyn and the legal battle between Robyn and her ex-husband with regards to the custody of the children.

Kody on the other side finds himself in a fix with the Utah anti-polygamy law. Fans see Brown fight the law saying that he hasn’t done anything illegal as he has spiritually married Christine, Robyn and Janelle. Meri is the only lawfully wedded wife of his and there has been no legal documentation of any of the other marriages.

IB has gone ahead and reported that Kody could be seen leaving this lifestyle of his. As he is getting a chance to legally marry Robyn, this might bring the polygamous lifestyle to an end. With Kody spending considerable amount of time with his youngest son, there are chances that Robyn and Kody might start living a normal monogamous life.