Sister Wives: Meri Kody Split After 24 Years, Robyn All Set To Tie Knots With Kody!

Meri’s Twitter post has made it more or less clear that she is not returning for Sister Wives Season 6. She went ahead to say that signs are there everywhere, we are to look for them and it is up to us to decide which one to believe and which one to let go. This is seen as an indirect way of bidding a farewell to Season 6. With Meri and Kody divorcing in Season 5, is she hinting at leaving the show and moving on with her life?

Meri decided to call off her 24 year old marriage to allow her younger sister Robyn to get legal benefits and fight for her children’s custody. Robyn has openly thanked Meri for this decision of hers and has said that Meri really loves her children a lot and it is for them that she has decided to call her own marriage off.

Meri explained her stand on various social media and fans stood by her decision. Fans felt that it takes a lot of strength to end ones marriage for the happiness of another. There isn’t any official confirmation about Meri leaving the show. Neither the producers nor the network have come out to make a formal announcement.

This is turning out to a very emotional period for the family and they have promised to help Meri sail through this bold decision taken by her.