Apple iOS Jailbreak for Version 8.3 Unlikely as iOS 8.4 Is on its Way, Users Are Still Hopeful!

Yes, it‘s been a long wait for the iOS 8.3 jailbreak to release, but all hopes of it launching any time soon is thrashed with the news of Apple working on iOS 8.4, which is to come out sometime next week.

The new features to be added and launched with the updated iOS is going to not just make it tougher but according to some experts, impossible to jailbreak it any further.

The new iOS 8.4 once updated will make a lot of changes to the existing OS. The new update is expected to bring in a lot of improvements along with some very interesting features. For example, the Music app gets a completely new look.

iOS 8.4 has addressed numerous issues and features and has eliminated bugs that were previously rectified by the Apple iOS Jailbreak developers. The vulnerability and the security issues that these jailbreak developers were tackling will all be fixed with the iOS update and that isn’t good news for the Apple iOS jailbreak developers.

Apple users are waiting to see how improved the new iOS is, but those who were about to use Apple iOS Jailbreak, will have to wait it out and see which one is the better option.

There was an Apple iOS Jailbreak created by Stefan Esser on the beta version of iOS 8.4. Since it was made public there’s no doubt that Apple have that jailbreak patched for the new iOS 8.4 update, which is set to launch in a few more days.

Apple users will most probably have to wait for iOS 9 to get jailbroken for their device, since the jailbreak for iOS 8.3 is unlikely to be effective now as Apple will release a security patch with the iOS 8.4 update.

Sources have reported that over 39 security bugs have been removed and patched up and this signals that the iOS 8.4 update will not have any such flaws and thereby eliminating the use of the Apple iOS jailbreak.

3 thoughts on “Apple iOS Jailbreak for Version 8.3 Unlikely as iOS 8.4 Is on its Way, Users Are Still Hopeful!”

  1. Well, an iAP cracker and Youtube adblock is important to me, so the jailbreak could serve some use, rather than having none.

  2. I know this is a strong word for somebody I don’t know in person – But I HATE Stefan Esser. He is a self-righteous, narcissistic prick and a poison to the Jailbreak community.

    At first he moans, whines and yammers around because Pangu used one of his vulnerabilities for their 7.1 JB. Of course he never wanted this to go public as he just wants to show off that he’s the king who’s able to JB the newest iOS and everybody else just should go eff themselves.

    Still, Pangu replaced this exploit with another one found by themselves so that Esser’s ego would become whole again AND offered him another one of THEIR exploit for compensation. Of course they never got any reply from him cause this pathetic excuse of a human being didn’t care that they used his exploit at first at all, he just got mad that they shared it with the public.

    And now, Mister Selfish I. Braggart has striked once again by burning further precious exploits for iOS 8.4 just to show off to the public what a great genius he is (same old, same old).

    Of course he doesn’t care that he hurts the community once again – The important thing is to let everybdy know that he is the wannabe Master of iOS universe. But it’s still kind of a multiple personality disorder to want to boast to the JB community what a great hacker he is on the one hand but trying to destroy the ability to achieve this feat for everybody else on the other. Douchebag …

    This guy has to boost his ego so much – I bet his Mommy never told him that she loved him.

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