Prometheus 2: Title Revealed, Ridley Scott Promises Two New Aliens, Fans Hopeful For A 2016 Release, And More

Ridley Scott movies have always been a fan favourite and the same is with his upcoming film, Prometheus 2. Prometheus 2 is sequel to Prometheus that had released back in 2012. With no official news about the film yet, fans are getting all their information from inside sources.

The rumor has it that the official title of the sequel has been decided upon and it is going to be Prometheus 2: Hell on Earth. With the title talking about Earth and Dr. Shaw (Noomi Rapace) telling David (Michael Fassbender) and she doesn’t want to return back, but wants to go where the Engineers came from, it looks like the Engineers were originally from Earth.

Yes, this has created a major buzz among the fans of the upcoming film and they are waiting for an official confirmation of this news. However, it looks like Scott prefers to keep his fans waiting and he hasn’t disclosed any hints or official confirmation about this.

Prometheus 2 will again see Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender take on their respectively roles as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and droid David. The two haven’t had a good start in the first film, with David even trying to kill Dr. Shaw, but it looks like they are going to make a journey to a far off place together and this film will develop their story.

According to The Telegraph, Dr. Shaw will lose her life in the process of finding the home of the Engineers and revealing the identity of their creators. The film will have another female lead coming in to take her place. The identity of the actress who will be filling in the shoes of Dr. Shaw is not yet disclosed.

Prometheus 2 will focus on the search for the Engineer’s home planet and their creators. The Engineers with their superior taste in art, music, engineering and bio technology might very well be the creators of the human race. It is only after Dr. Shaw reaches Paradise that we will have the answers to all our doubts and queries.