Popcorn Time: Loses Out On Popularity Test Against Traditional Tools Like uTorrent, More Details

Popcorn Time comes in as the new generation piracy portal, but traditional methods still remain popular amongst movie pirates. Age old uTorrent was found to be miles ahead when it comes to popularity than its much newer competition Popcorn Time. A comparative study showed that Europeans still trust uTorrent when it comes to pirated movies.

Procera a company of network management went ahead to tell TorrentFreak that after monitoring traffic on one of the networks it was found that uTorrent goes on to account for close to 44 GB every second in its peak hours. Whereas, its competition website Popcorn Time, which allows users to stream movies in an illegal manner could only manage to account for 18 GB per second in its peak hours.

This is not all. Popcorn Time has even shown close to zero data transfers on couple of nights between the months of March-April and this is something that was shocking.

Popcorn Time is only associated with piracy of movies whereas uTorrent owned by the BitTorrentInc just does not engage itself in piracy, but also allows users to various other things like downloading any other media content in forms of operating systems, academic papers, etc via its BitTorrent protocol.  For example a user can download a snippet of a music file from thousands of users and at the same time upload it for someone else rather than doing it from iTunes.

With Popcorn Time getting officially blocked in United Kingdom, it has been highly ineffective. Cyber cell has not been able to successfully implement the orders received by the courts. The verdict came after Hollywood Movie Studios won a successful legal battle against Popcorn Time. It was the same law that banned the popular torrent site Piratebay.

Within just a years’ time Popcorn Time has caught a lot of attention from not just users, but also from copyright holders. The website uses the same technology as the one used by other piracy websites like BitTorrent. Experts say that it is the graphic and catalogue on the website that attracts more users on the web.