Popcorn Time: Loses Out On Popularity Test Against Traditional Tools Like uTorrent, More Details

Computer and web experts say that it will be extremely difficult to execute this judgement properly. Due to proxies the internet traffic can be re-routed via different countries, which allows it to skip the ban. The same was seen in case of Pirate Bay. The website has faced a complete shutdown in the United Kingdom for some time now, but the technology of re-routing traffic allows the website to be active.

In a much shocking report disclosed by Incorpo, it is said that sites that face a ban from ISPs account for over 73 percent of its original traffic. If the same prevails for Popcorn Time then the think-tanks at Hollywood have to put on their thinking caps and come up with something better than just a ban of applications.

Major net providers like Sky, TalkTalk, Virgin, BT and EE have been asked by the high court to restrict users from accessing these websites.

With recent studies showing uTorrent being more popular than Popcorn Time, it will be fun to see if the latter comes up with some new features or changes in it appearance to increase its popularity among movie streamers.