Katy Perry Not Affect By Swift’s Video About Their Feud, Attends UNICEF Under-30 Summit, And More

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift were good friends and then suddenly things became a little awkward. There rumors about Taylor Swift stealing the Dark Horse singers backup dancers and then to seal the deal, Katy Perry started dating Taylor’s ex, John Mayer.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s friendship started way back in 2009 when the two were spotted taking photos together at the MTV Music Video Awards. They shared dressing rooms and in 2010 Katy Perry even guest starred at Taylor’s LA show where the two sang Hot and Cold together.

Katy Perry and Taylor bonded over their love for cats and Katy even said that she loved Taylor’s kitten, Meredith. The two would exchange PDA-ridden posts and hugs in the social media and at award shows. However, this friendship didn’t last.

Taylor’s recently launched music video Bad Blood is supposed to be based on their friendship and the way Katy Perry had back-stabbed her by dating John Meyer. It shows Swift as Catastrophe and Gomez, sporting a black wig as Arsyn.

The two are involved in a Matrix like fight with faceless agents as a team until Arsyn steals Catastrophe’s suitcase and throws her out of the window, to her death. Fans and the music industry are all looking forward to the kind of reaction Katy Perry will have for the video.

The subtle diss where Taylor’s best friend Selena Gomez wears a black wig, similar to the one sported by Katy Perry was caught on by the world. An inside source has told HollywoodLife.com that Katy Perry felt slighted by the video.

She felt that the video was desperate and Taylor was trying too hard to make her point. Katy Perry knows what kind of a reaction Taylor Swift wants and she isn’t going to give it to her. Katy has more important things at hand and didn’t let the Bad Blood video affect her.