The Sims 4: Expansion Pack Includes Work, Camp and Party, More Details

The Sims 4 was one of the most awaited games and its release witnessed a warm welcome. EA had put in a lot of effort towards this game. Initially there were criticisms regarding the style in which the release was handled and also certain features of the game, but overall, gamers have loved the hard work put in by the developers and are enjoying it.

EA has always been a company who looks to make their products better and this time it is no different. There have been hints that the company will be releasing more expansion packages that will give more content to Sims 4 and also improve the overall gameplay experience. EA is also looking forward to add some more new features in The Sims 4.

Though this time around, the developers have to be a little careful with their expansion packages. EA had faced quite a bit of criticism with regards to bugs in expansion packages where the male characters were getting pregnant and abducted.

Expansion packages look to be a good thing for revenue generation. The Sims fans have always shown excitement towards buying expansion packages, which focus on professional development and career. Electronic Art has taken this up as the main source of revenue.

Just to make the game more appealing and realistic, developers of the Sims 4 are planning to get new places like hotspots, which changes according to seasons and also night clubs which adds on to the fun. The idea basically is that during one vacation the player could be visiting a resort and in another one he can be sun bathing at a beach. This is not all, there will be added focus towards creation of perfect pets, which will allow players to teach new tricks.

The 19th May expansion package gives a complete party make over to the game. This new package will allow you to dress your Sim up in the most fashionable ways and party around. The expansion kit will mainly focus on new dressing for the characters and cool places like pubs, lighting arrays and sculptures. There will also be little elements added to the gameplay which adds on to the realism of the game.