The Sims 4: Expansion Pack Includes Work, Camp and Party, More Details

The expansion package is named as “Luxury Party Stuff” and reports suggest that it will be available for $10. The Sims 4, will be furnished with elite make ups, dressings and also elements like fountain drinks which can be used to throw exclusive classy parties.

In its previous package named “Get to Work” EA allows players to take up different professions like that of dentist, detective and scientist. This was not all, the package also allowed you to create your own business if service is just not your thing. You are allowed to make big inventions and also arrest criminals. Sims do the work and get paid just like regular people.

In the past there have been other expansion packs that allow players to go out for camping or hiking and enjoy outdoor.

With all this hype amongst The Sims 4 lovers, EA seems to be all set to take this game forward and earn good revenue from its expansion package made for The Sims 4.