Prometheus 2: Title Revealed, Ridley Scott Promises Two New Aliens, Fans Hopeful For A 2016 Release, And More

These speculations and rumors about Prometheus 2 are not all that is creating a huge buzz among fans. Ridley Scott has himself confirmed at an interview with The Australian that the film will introduce two new aliens.

The Xenomorphs from Prometheus will not be featured in the sequel, but there are going to be other aliens that will have a lot of similarities with the old Xenomorphs. Scott has sat down with Neill Blomkamp, the director of Alien to make sure that the two universes don’t clash.

There are bound to be rumors when there isn’t enough information available and it was a similar case when fans heard that there would be no aliens in Prometheus 2. This fake news had now been removed by the director and fans are excited that they will have not one, but two new aliens in the new film.

Ridley Scott has always been tight-lipped about his projects, apart from the inside scoops that he lets out occasionally. There are been no official news about the release date, but fans are hopeful for a 2016 release.

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