Apple iPhone 7: Sidewall, Force Touch Display And Improved A9, Price Likely To Increase Further!

Apple iPhone 7 is going to be lighter than the earlier models with the use of the sapphire glass and the liquid metal that Apple is currently working on. If the material developed is strong then Apple will be using less of glass and metal thus making the phone lighter.

Apple iPhone 7 will have a fast processor. It is believed that the iPhone will get the A9 along with the M9 co-processor. The phone is also rumored have a better camera, battery life and the option of wireless charging. Apple iPhone 7 will also have a RAM complement along with a 2GB LPDDR4 memory.

There are a few rumors when it comes to the new design for iPhone 7. These rumors are based on an Apple patent that was published earlier this year. The patent talked about a sidewall display similar to the one that is there in Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge.

iPhone 7 is going to have side display with interactive and touch sensitive options with quick access for music player, messages and caller ID.

Fans of iPhone are happy with the Touch ID and a sidewall display, but what they are really keen about is an improvement in the resolution display. iPhone 6 Plus offers a 401ppi that is not as impressive as the ones being offered by Samsung and LG.

It is believed that Apple is set to increase the price of Apple iPhone 7 even further.