Fast And Furious 8: The Rock Confirms His Presence In The Movie, Spinoff Based On His Character, And More

Christmas seems to be a little early this time for the fans of Fast and the Furious and The Rock. With Fast and the Furious 7 riding high on box office success, the buzz for Fast and the Furious 8 has already started. This is not all; rumours suggest that fans will not just have the 8th edition of Fast and the Furious, but also a spin off staring “The Rock” in the lead.

Reports from MTV news suggested that Dwayne Johnson was not coming back in the 8th instalment of the Fast and the Furious franchise. Universal Pictures and Johnson have a movie-by-movie contract, thus it may so be that Johnson misses out on Fast and the Furious 8.

This was not all, reports from Cinema Blend also stated that the WWE fighter could miss out on Fast and the Furious 8 as producers claim that the story has gone ahead. It was also said that Kurt Russell playing Mr. Nobody could become a replacement of Hobbs for the upcoming film.

After all these rumours, the fighter went ahead to confirm that he will be featuring in Fast and the Furious 8, this came through a press conference which was conducted for “The Rock’s” latest movie called San Andreas.

With the confirmation of this news, fans of Johnson better known as “The Rock” are relieved. At the press conference, when Johnson was casually asked by reports whether he will be featuring in the upcoming film, the fighter turned actor confirmed that he will be there and the movie cannot go without Hobbs in it.

Dwayne Johnson plays a CIA agent in the popular franchise. His character was introduced in Fast and the Furious 5 and from there on he has been one of the primary characters in the film. His role gives viewers the comedy relief every now and then.

The good news doesn’t seem to end for the fans of “The Rock”. Sources have confirmed that Dwayne Johnson will not just appear in Fast and the Furious 8, but producers of the franchise have also decided to go ahead with a spinoff movie for Johnson. It will be Hobbs’ own movie, where he will be in the lead.