You Can Now Meddle with Restaurants with The Sims 4 Dine Out Pack, Teddy Bear and Baby Bottle Indicates the Upcoming Inclusion of Toddlers in The Game!

It is also their duty to keep the restaurant running successfully. Besides saving cash to own a restaurant, the owners also need to train employees, hire staff and advertise their establishment as well.

Keep in mind that the household finances are completely different from business finances. In the Ownership panel, you can click the Transfer funds button in order to get some Simoleons for your business.

You can use the money to purchase furniture, cover staffing costs and also pay for furniture. If you wish to earn long-term, you will need to put money down.  Customers will review the restaurant with each meal.

Players need to focus on the establishment and see how things are being handled inside. Wrongdoings need to be disciplined, staffs need to be monitored and valuable employees need to be trained.

During an interview with iDigital Times, game producer Lyndsay Pearson said that it is vital for the players to possess the tools that make them creative and also allow expressing themselves in an inclusive environment.

EA also said that there will only be a Sims 5 if Sims 4 makes enough money to produce another sequel. According to popular belief, Maxis and EA have already juiced enough out of Sims 4 to ‘afford’ the upcoming Sims 5.

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