All That We Know About Destiny: Rise of Iron, the New Iron Gjallarhorn Is Coming!

During a livestream event which took place Thursday afternoon, Bungie and Activision confirmed the existence of Destiny: Rise of Iron, the third and most likely, the final expansion for Destiny.

It includes the usual host of content, including a new strike, raid, patrols and public events, new enemies, a level cap bump, a competitive multiplayer mode, gear and quests along with more additional weapons.

There will be new areas included like Felwinter Peak and The Plaguelands along with a revamp of Destiny’s Starter Area, The Wall. First, you will need the original title along with the first two expansions.

The company is also dropping support Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It further means that it will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when this $30 expansion releases on 20th September this year.

According to Bungie and Activision, the owners of PS4 will receive access to timed-exclusive content during launch but they did not divulge any details regarding the expansion or the length of this exclusivity period.

However, the company is loudly proclaiming the return of Gjallarhorn. Last September, when The Taken King rolled out, Gjallarhorn came out as an exotic weapon which was well over balance concerns.

This kind of indicates that the Gjallarhorn included in Rise of Iron will be different from the Gjallarhorn we knew. Players can take it after completing a mission successfully or they can get the black and silver limited edition variant if they pre-order the expansion starting from 9th June. The narrator of the new trailer talked about a mutant faction of The Fallen.

They thought that they managed to shun away that plague for eternity. The story setup in Destiny: Rise of Iron involves the protagonist playing beside a legend arising from humanity’s Golden Age. Destiny has managed to become a major success for Bungie even though it faced a clumsy launch and the slot machine mechanics of the game was majorly criticized.

According to Activision, the game has around 30 million registered players, which is a 10 million increase from the time of The Taken King release that took place last year. It was earlier rumored that Destiny 2 will be releasing this year but latest reports suggest a 2017 release.

Meanwhile, the full description of Destiny: Rise of Iron reveals that it is the next greatly anticipated expansion in the Destiny Universe. Along the southern wall of Old Russia, there was a wall which stood for centuries but it has finally collapsed.

The Fallen Mutants are scavenging the Golden Age tombs and the unearthed plague in the wastes is a lot more dangerous than they can ever comprehend. You need to journey into the Plaguelands after joining Lord Saladin. The Fate of the Iron Lords must be learnt and the rising threat needs to be stopped before it is too late.

Things included in Rise of Iron are:-

  • New Raid
  • Interesting new weapons
  • Maximum Light Increase
  • New Quests and Story campaigns
  • New Gear and Armor
  • New Social Space and Plaguelands Zone
  • New Maps and Crucible Mode
  • New Bosses and Enemy Faction
  • New Strike

The studio behind Destiny confirmed that they will be hosting two Twitch streams in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Destiny 2 was supposed to release by the end of 2016 according to a leaked presentation which showed the original release timeline by Activision, for this franchise.