All That We Know About Destiny: Rise of Iron, the New Iron Gjallarhorn Is Coming!

The latest report from Kotaku suggests that these plans were cancelled for a mega expansion and it will be larger than previously-released DLCs like House of Wolves and The Dark Below. The name of the next expansion is already known but the company didn’t even release a cover art image for the project. They are yet to shed some light on the major content drop for Bungie’s Destiny.

Bungie’s livestream will be taking place today at 10pm PT/ 1PM ET/ 6PM BST and Activision has already taken down the released trailer. There was a leaked trailer recently which focused on the Rise of Iron expansion. It was taken from SnapChat and released online.

A lot of previous leaked details were confirmed by this leaked trailer. It includes a 20th September release date confirmation and the introduction of a new enemy faction. The game will also provide a newly expanded look into the whole Old Russia setting.

You will also notice someone using the new Titan-themed Super which comes with a huge flaming axe, taken from the promotional art. The Iron Gjallarhorn, the new black variant of the popular Gjallarhorn heavy weapon was shown.

What are your thoughts on Destiny: Rise of Iron? Are you looking forward to this DLC? Do you want a sequel to Destiny as well? Let us know your views in the comments section below! Stay tuned for more updates on Destiny: Rise of Iron!