You Can Now Meddle with Restaurants with The Sims 4 Dine Out Pack, Teddy Bear and Baby Bottle Indicates the Upcoming Inclusion of Toddlers in The Game!

When Dine Out’s first trailer released, the new restaurant chef station had a teddy bear hanging from it. It gave rise to some brief speculation but people didn’t really get their hopes up and simply let it slide. The Sims team is quite crazy with their little teases and jokes and therefore, it seemed nothing more than a little object being purposely misplaced, for the sake of fun.

It seemed like the Devs were simply teasing the upcoming Kids Stuff pack. Thankfully, the Dine Out is currently live and you will find more future content clues in it. A Sims player named Wesley undertook a quest to find out any and all cryptic messages developed by the Sims team. On his journey, he came across something that could only be used by kids or toddlers.

It was a bottle and this bottle was placed right beside the condiments on the same chef station and you will still find the mysterious teddy bear hanging nearby. The development team behind Sims is fully aware of the fact that for a long time, people have complained about the lack of babies or toddlers in Sims 4.

It has been in very cases that the producer actually talked about these issues. Sim Guru Rachel, the producer of Maxis, talked to Kotaku last year, in order to talk about the absence of toddlers in Sims games.

According to him, they decided to stress on fundamental changes in Sims 4, which includes behaviors like traits and interactions, multitasking, emotions and along with that, the first focused on the later stages of life.

He mentioned that toddlers are not just small Sims. They are more like completely separate Sim types. Furthermore, they deserve the same level of investment. They wish to do it well. The developers are currently exploring the idea but they don’t have a lot of information to share at the moment.

Meanwhile, in the official Sims forums, a thread named Ideas at a glance for Toddlers was stickied by Community Manager Sim Guru Drake, about a few months back. Simmers who were trolling was even told off by this Community Manager. She declared people to not comment that they don’t want toddlers in the game.

She reminded them that it was an ideas thread, intended for the players who do and what they would prefer to see from this life stage. Sim Guru Lyndsay, Lead Producer, also commented on the thread while thanking Sim Guru Drake for asking her to check it out. Right now, fans are hanging on to Sim Guru Rachel.

Is it possible that the teddy bear and the bottle are all signs of an upcoming update which adds toddlers? It would be a long 3 years till Sims 5 if toddlers are not added in the game.

Meanwhile, with the latest Sims 4 Dine Out pack, you can take Sims out for a night in the town, create custom restaurants and manage them as well.

With the Dine Out game pack, players get the option to run their own restaurants or just keep visiting them. You can build a restaurant right from the ground up or in order to get started, you can also pick up a new restaurant, right from the gallery.

With the new pack, Sims can own a new restaurant or simply manage it. However, keep in mind that they will not be working in the eatery. The Sims which own the new restaurants, will in fact, be the Simoleons behind the scene.